It’s not always easy to detect whether your roof is damaged. You need experts to ensure that your roof is well maintained, but you can also check it for certain signs to understand its efficiency. People often ignore their roofs, considering the expensive repairs but regular repairs can also extend their lifespan. Hiring a proficient roofer in Worthing can help you to keep your roof in its best condition.

When Do You Need Roof Repairs?

  • Check Your Roof for Leakage

This is the first sign you should check. A damaged roof will cause water leakage into your home. Go into your loft and check the roof as soon as you detect damp and mould on the ceilings or dark streaks on the walls. Broken tiles or flashing can cause water to leak into the property. Any of these signs indicate that you have to waterproof your roof to avoid expensive repairs.

  • Check for any Missing or Loose Tiles

Check your roof properly from the outside as well. Check if there is any missing or cracked tile. Shingles are one of the most important parts of the roof system as it makes your roof water-resistant. So, if you spot any damaged shingles, hire a roofer right away to replace them.

  • Check Gutters

Guttering coming away from your property’s exterior can indicate that your roofing has begun to come loose. You might also find some pieces of tile or shingle in the gutters, which indicates that your roof is deteriorating or rotting.

  • Check your roof regularly

A regular roof inspection is the best way to avoid incurring massive repair costs. If you notice any signs that indicate abnormalities with your roof, book an appointment with an expert roofer who can diagnose the problem.

  • Signs of leaks on the boards, attics or the insulation

Water can damage the materials used to insulate your property. Regular inspection will keep the quality of the material in check.

  • Sunlight in your attic

Move up into your loft without switching the light on. If you can feel a breeze or see sunlight, then there might be cracks or holes in your roof. Make sure to find the source appropriately and check if the gaps are repairable. You may also need roof replacement if the damage is severe.

  • Ageing

No matter how good the quality of your roof is, it will deteriorate over time at some point. However, a well maintained stone slate can last for decades. The lifespan of your roof depends on several factors. Flat roofs can also last for years if taken care of properly. But nothing lasts forever, and don’t hesitate to replace your roof if required.

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