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The Ultimate Guide to Slate Roofing

What is Slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock that is formed when shale experiences high temperatures and pressures. It is 100% natural and has been used for roofing for centuries. One of the most popular roofing materials, slate is renowned for its beauty, durability and longevity. A pitched roof with slate can last for over 100 years if it is properly maintained.

Benefits of Slate

There are several benefits to having a slate roof:

Aesthetics – Slate roofs are very pleasing to the eye and can add value to your property. They are available in a range of colours, including green, black, blue, purple and red. You can also get variegated slate, which has two or more colours running through it.

Durability – Slate is a very strong and durable material. It is resistant to fire, weathering, pests and rot. Therefore, it will last stay strong and beautiful for years to come. As mentioned prior, a slate roof can last up to 100 years if maintained properly.

Low maintenance – A slate pitched roof requires very little maintenance. You may need to have it cleaned occasionally to remove moss or algae build-up, but that is usually all that is required.

Eco-friendly – Slate is a natural material that is recyclable and biodegradable. It also has a low carbon footprint, which is good news for the environment. In today’s day and age, sustainability is a crucial part of any repair or replacement job. Therefore a pitched roof with slate is a fantastic option for many roofers as it not only looks great, but it saves our world too!


Types of Slate for Pitched Roofs

There are endless options to go for, all of which have their own different advantages, you can’t really go wrong! Here are a few of our favourites, but don’t be afraid to ask us about another type that you may prefer.

Natural Roof Slates

Spanish Slate

Almost 80% of the world’s slate is manufactured in Spain. The density of Spanish slate is greater than other roofing tiles, meaning property temperatures can be regulated more easily. In addition to its heat-resistant properties, Spanish slate is also incredibly durable and weather-resistant. So if you have a pitched roof, slate is a great choice.

Brazilian Slate

Brazil is a relatively new supplier of slate, however, they have watched from afar and created a fantastic resource. The slate is manufactured using mudstone. This is a diversion from the metamorphic rocks usually used to form slate, but it doesn’t stop it from being a long-lasting and durable product. Mudstone is a sedimentary rock that is even more durable than a metamorphic slate – making it a perfect choice for pitched roofs.

Welsh Slate

You can’t go wrong with Welsh Slate. The Welsh have been making slate since the 18th century. Due to their expertise, local Welsh quarries have been considered for UNESCO status, due to their long-standing history. For people with pitched roofs, Welsh slate has and always will be a great option. Whether you have a commercial or domestic building, it looks fantastic and lasts a lifetime.

Man-Made Slate

Whilst traditional slate makes for a slightly more authentic material and aesthetic if you have a pitched roof, slate that is made artificially can still provide you with everything you need. Furthermore, man-made slate is more eco-friendly and is cheaper due to it being easier to make and design. Therefore, it is a great option for many homeowners and landlords.

Fibre Cement Slate

Almost all man-made slate will be made from fibre cement. It is much more stable than natural slate and removes the need to grade and sort installation onsite – meaning it can be installed much more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of wastage as it is 100% recyclable. Moreover, its lightweight properties reduce Co2 emissions when transporting it as transport vehicles are not subject to as much weight, hence burning less fuel.

Recycled Roof Slate

For those looking for a rustic aesthetic on their pitched roof, slate made from recycled slate tiles is a fantastic option. This is particularly eco-friendly as it eliminates wastage and does not require manufacturing. Furthermore, this provides a pitched roof with slate that has personality. The worn tiles with different colourings help to create a beautiful roof, with each tile telling its own story. So, if you want to ensure that you incorporate sustainability and a rustic aesthetic on your pitched roof, slate made from recycled tiles is the way to go.

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