Roofs of an industrial building are generally not maintained, cleaned or taken care of. Moreover, the roofs are exposed to harsh weather conditions that compromise their structural and functional capabilities. Metal, BUR, Thermoplastic Olefin and EPDM are commonly used for industrial roofs. However, even after using the most durable materials, these roofs are damaged beyond repair and must be replaced due to lack of proper maintenance.

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Five Types of Common Damages of Industrial Roofs

  • Damage from Storm

The roof shingles get damaged since industrial roofs are not properly cared for due to heavy storms and wind gusts. Sometimes, the shingles either break or go missing. These types of issues can cause unsafe roofing conditions in the industrial premises.

  • Damage Due to Water Ponding

If the industrial roofs are flat in shape, then water ponding becomes a significant factor. The rainwater doesn’t drain off properly and accumulates on the roofs, causing water ponding. Hence, inspecting the gutters is necessary to ensure that the water ponding situations do not occur on the flat roof. Water accumulation for a long time causes the roof shingles to get damaged.

  • Damage Due to Age, Wear and Tear

Industrial roofs, like commercial or domestic roofs, have a longevity beyond which they generally get damaged and wear off. Moreover, with time, they get exposed to UV rays, rain, hailstorms, and snowfalls. Hence, the shingles become brittle and crack and become damaged over time. Regular inspections are generally not done for the industrial roofs. Therefore, when they get old, they get damaged easily.

  • Damage Due to Improper Installation 

Most of the time, industrial roofs need to be installed properly. Novice people are hired for roof installations and need help accurately completing the work. Improper installation makes the whole roof weak and can lead to damage to the roof. Furthermore, the damages remain unattended since maintenance infections are also not a part of the. 

  • Damage Due to Leaks

Leaks in the roofs are one of the most common problems that can sometimes occur and damage the whole foundation of the roof. Constant exposure to rain, snow and moisture can form gaps between the shingles, which causes leaks.

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